Northern lights !

Hótel lækur is one of the best hotels to see and enjoy the Northern lights or Aurora borealis as they are all so called at least The British newspaper  The  telegraph things so as you can see in this article

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The reason why Hotel laekur is so good to view the northern lights is the isolation, we are located 10 km from road number 1 and 11 km from any light pollution, almost no trees or big houses are in the area so you will have a perfect 360 degree view.

Why stay at Hotel laekur to view the Northern lights? The reason you should choose Hotel laekur .

the beautiful and cozy lounge on the upper floor of the Hotel with special windows on the ceiling and big 180 degrees windows on both sides of the room perfect for viewing the northern lights.

the hot tub, in November of 2013 a hot tub with perfect view of the northern lights will be available for our guests so you could go outside in the cold winter of Iceland and relax in the geothermal hot water with a  drink and enjoy the Northern lights


Nigel A Ball made this Video standing in one of our fields